Supreme Firepower.

With plenty of power to spare, the GG Taurus is fitted with an extremely powerful four-cylinder water-cooled engine. The engine is perfectly positioned below the rider and lower than a traditional superbike to give it a perfect balance and a low center of gravity.

One ride on it will send adrenaline rushing through the veins and you’ll be hooked. The 175 hp engine will rocket you up to a top speed of 230 km/h (140mph). You’ll quickly find yourself running out of open road.

The front suspension rivals that of most sports cars and is made entirely out of aluminum, including the single side swing arm. Not to be outdone, the rear suspension is comprised of fully adjustable coil over shocks that can be adjusted to suit road conditions. The brakes consist of both 270mm twin floating front discs and a single 284mm rear disc. Then there are the wheels… Forged from a single piece of aluminum, the front wheels measure an impressive 17 inch diameter and a massive 19 inch, shaft-driven rear wheel that will help transition the power to the road.